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For over 25 years JC White Geomatics has provided solicitors in South East England with surveying services and practical advice for their clients.

Given the ever increasing value of land and property, individuals and companies are looking to either protect their investment or maximise the extent and value of their ownership. We have developed a number of valuable property and land services, ranging from land sub-division, first registration and lease plans to rights of way, adverse possession and boundary disputes. We also offer advice and carry out monitoring of structures and landforms for settlement and movement.

Property Sub-Division, First Registration and Lease Plans

These activities will require a preliminary site visit for evaluation but may not require fieldwork to survey features on the ground. These three activities are for the preparation of a boundary plan. The plan will be to sent to the solicitor and/or their client, for confirmation that the plan shows what is intended. The boundary plan can then be sent to the Land Registry Office and/or incorporated into a legal document.

Right of Way, Adverse Possession and Boundary Disputes

Enquiries relating to the position of property boundaries have increased. This is due to media interest in boundary disputes and the fact that individuals have become more aware of the limitations of the 'General Boundaries Rule'. It is possible that any one of these activities may involve some form of court hearing and JC White Geomatics offers the services of an expert witness with experience of preparing reports in accordance with civil procedure rules and attending court.

Monitoring of Structures and Landforms

Our involvement in this activity utilises our reputation as measurement specialists, and we are able to advise on establishing a system for the periodic monitoring of a structure or landform. Solicitors have used our expertise in this field in situations where a client wishes to demonstrate whether a structure or landform is or is not moving over a period of time.