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Over 20 years monitoring the coastline and coastal defences in Kent for DEFRA. We also work for the Environment Agency. We are experts in mapping, surveying and monitoring the coastline, coastal defences, flood plains and flood defences.

Coastal Monitoring Kent Coastline

Flood Plain Mapping

If your site is within a flood risk area, we provide levels based on Ordnance Survey datum derived from GNSS(GPS) satellite measurement to satisfy the Environment Agency and local authority requirements. This is essential as the Ordnance Survey no longer completely maintains or updates its historical benchmark system so values from mapping cannot be guaranteed to be current due to settlement and other factors. We also supply digital terrain models (DTMs) and cross sections of flood defences to support your flood risk assessment.

We provide vital data for:

  • Flood Risk Assessments
  • Catchment Flood Management Plans
  • Shoreline Management Plans (SMPs)
  • Flooding from surface water maps
  • Multi Agency Flood Plans (MAFPs)