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For over 30 years, JC White Geomatics has worked with local and national civil engineering consultants and contractors, offering advice and practical solutions on projects ranging from monitoring of large landforms and structures, detailed topographical surveys for the design of new roads and overcoming complex setting out challenges.

Detailed Topographical Survey

At some point on any civil engineering project, a topographical survey will be required. JC White Geomatics has experience of supplying custom specification detail surveys for a wide range of uses, in a variety of formats including 3D AutoCAD and MX Moss. Whichever final format is specified, our clients can be sure of receiving an accurate and comprehensive survey on which they can rely, as well as a survey plan that is presented to a high cartographic standard.

Engineering Surveys and Setting Out

Once a design has been finalised, the roads, buildings etc need to be transferred from the computer screen onto the site. Using the latest survey instruments in conjunction with CAD, JC White Geomatics is able to offer an efficient, quality-controlled setting out service for sites in Kent and East Sussex. There may be occasions when either you or your client will require either an as-built survey for verification, or to have setting out independently checked at a crucial stage in construction. Our surveying process encompasses all the skills required to perform these tasks accurately and efficiently.

Boundary Demarcation

Whatever the nature or size of your client’s site, knowing the location of legal boundaries prior to detailed design or the start of building work could save your client enormous costs resulting from re-design, legal fees or delay to site occupancy due to legal disputes. JC White Geomatics has a wide and varied experience of boundary issues and is able to offer practical advice at the outset or at any stage of the design process.

Volumetric Analysis / Surveys

By comparing design information to existing and proposed land formations, earthwork calculations can be worked out to enable accurate costings to be made.

Monitoring Buildings, Structures and Landforms

With the pressure on building land increasing year on year, there are an increasing number of civil engineering projects planned on land that is potentially suffering from subsidence. We have both the experience and resources to design and implement a monitoring system to record movement of structures, buildings or landform. A monitoring exercise may be limited to daily or weekly visits over a relatively short time period, or on a monthly or yearly cycle for a longer period. Alternatively Real time monitoring systems can be installed.

Flood Plain Mapping

If your site is within a flood risk area, we provide levels based on Ordnance Survey datum derived from GNSS(GPS) satellite measurement to satisfy the Environment Agency and local authority requirements. This is essential as the Ordnance Survey no longer completely maintains or updates its historical benchmark system so values from mapping cannot be guaranteed to be current due to settlement and other factors. We also supply digital terrain models (DTMs) and cross sections of flood defences to support your flood risk assessment.