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We continue surveying for our first architect client 30 years later. We work with practices in London and further afield – the majority come to us by word of mouth. Our reputation amongst architects, built over more than 30 years, is for providing topographical and measured building surveys to a high cartographic standard.

Canary Wharf, London

Whether you require a survey for planning, presentation of a prestigious design for competition, or for a potential client, the consistent high cartographic standard of the information we supply will guarantee you a favourable reception.

Our team of experienced surveyors are able to offer detailed advice on specification and methodology to achieve the requirements and accuracy your project may need.

Detailed Topographical Surveys

JC White Geomatics offers a service where client requirements are discussed on a job-by-job basis. Our experience of producing detailed Topographical Surveys directly for architects means our surveyors are in an unrivalled position to advise you on all your surveying requirements. Whatever the size of your site or the format required for final presentation you will receive an accurate, reliable and comprehensive survey.

Measured Building Surveys

These surveys are a standard requirement for architects, whether supplied as traditional architectural plans or more elaborate historic and heritage surveys. If your existing plans are unsuitable or non-existent, and your requirements are for re-development, extensions, or just for record purposes, we can offer you a professional service. Floor plans, elevations and/or sections with various levels of detail and scale can all be provided in digital format. Utilising the latest innovations in real-time survey techniques, we can prepare and verify drawings in-situ facilitating confidence and continuity in our final product. With ever-tightening planning controls and listed building requirements, the need to record and represent the features and architectural aesthetics of a building has become a necessity.

Further advances in technology have added new tools in gathering survey information. 3D Laser Scanning is proving to be a major asset for the surveyor, enabling millions of survey points to be captured and stored. This high level of detail can be digitised and represented as traditional plans, but also provides a unique 3D visual architectural record. This has endless possibilities in the fields of presentation and visualisation.

Boundary Demarcation

Whatever the nature or size of your client’s site, knowing the location of legal boundaries prior to detailed design or the start of building work could save your client enormous costs resulting from re-design, legal fees or delay to site occupancy due to legal disputes. JC White Geomatics has a wide and varied experience of boundary issues and is able to offer practical advice at the outset or at any stage of the design process.

Flood Plain Mapping

If your site is within a flood risk area, we provide levels based on Ordnance Survey datum derived from GNSS(GPS) satellite measurement to satisfy the Environment Agency and local authority requirements. This is essential as the Ordnance Survey no longer completely maintains or updates its historical benchmark system so values from mapping cannot be guaranteed to be current due to settlement and other factors. We also supply digital terrain models (DTMs) and cross sections of flood defences to support your flood risk assessment.